Time Piece Royalchif

Luxury mini time pieces are exquisite works of functional jewelry as seen in the below examples.

Like a large precious stone, your mini time piece will stand out and draw admirable attention.

Letting your conversationalist see the time is a welcome, appreciated gesture.

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Luxury watches are often hidden out of site by coat sleeves or shirt cuffs. Not Royalchif time piece models.

Time piece

The opportunity to wear two luxury brand name watches at the same time is here. Your Time Piece Royalchif will be custom made with the luxury watch manufacturer of your choice. It will always remain in sight.

Time Piece Page

No more embarrassing moments for your conversationalist looking down at his or her watch to see the time.

*Remember; you can interchange your mini Time Piece Royalchif jeweled cap and attach another customized Royalchif jeweled cap to the same pocketed leather wallet type support when ever you want, where ever you go.
See how many questions and compliments you get. Let us know as we would like to publish them.
Time piece page
Time piece page
Time piece page
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