His Eminence

  Through out time, mankind has relished bodily worn gems.

Design concepts below show how almost any precious stone can be cut and positioned with designs to show desired visibility above the pocket.  With fittings and bezels allowing light to reflect in different directions, desired attention is gained.

Jewels and precious metals have brought beauty into lives by creating beautiful ornaments. Jewels save us no time, make objects no faster, and size does not necessarily matter in creating value or esteem.  Yet the desire to wear shining, sparkling jewelry has been as everlasting as the pieces themselves. Craftsman throughout time strived for quality and creativity to please and impress others.


Additional Design Concepts

turquoise emerald image

Our lapidarist are artisans who shape stone, minerals and gemstones into stunning items. The engraved gems, including cameos, scarabs, and other ornamental items. They can create cabochons and faceted designs. Most lapidary work is done using tools like diamond lap wheels, dop sticks, polishing compounds, and diamond powders up to 100,000 grit.

Although jewelry doesn’t make the man or woman, they certainly affect the way we feel about ourselves. No one is more conscious of our physical appearance than we are. When you do not look good, it changes the way you carry yourself and interacts with other people.

black Onyx

The Gold and Silver backing above compliments the blue emerald and brilliant round cut diamonds in their precious stone mountings. Hip Hop designs are a sign of today’s elite music royalty.