Gems & Leather Options

You can create your own masterpiece.

Size, shape, color, weight and clarity of stones determine the price of your Royalchif®.

Gems Replicate your own jewelry or heirloom stones on a Royalchif® with similar stones. Your custom design will receive a certificate of authenticity and a US Government copyright design registration. (unless it is one of a limited edition)

gems and leather

Your stones and gems will have GIA reports with your purchase. Houses have deeds. Vehicles have titles and registrations. It only makes sense that you have similar documentation for something as precious as a gem purchase. A report from GIA is an expert statement of a gem’s identity and quality characteristics. A GIA report isn’t an appraisal of financial value; it’s is your assurance of your gemstone’s quality, with clear disclosure if the material is synthetic or if it has been treated to enhance or alter its appearance. The report provides the kind of evidence that is vital to a confident gem or jewelry purchase.

Exotic leathers and skins customize your personal Royalchif®.

Leather samples

Nile crocodile skins contain a tiny follicle in each scale. These follicles are natural and are specific to crocodile skins. Nile crocs have narrow tails and small heads as compared to the alligator, thus cutting yields are less. Nile crocodiles have an extra row of bones on the side of the belly, which can also compromise cutting yields. Nile crocodiles have a more symmetrical pattern in the belly area. Scales on a crocodile are more square shaped on the edges, as opposed to alligators which tend to be more rounded on the edges of the tiles.

Alligator Hornback Colors:

Aligator Skin

Nile crocodile skins are sometimes preferred to alligator skins in the glazed finish because the internal fiber structure of crocodiles is tighter than an alligator, thus creating a better “break” in the skins. Conversely, alligators are preferred for softer finishes, like garments and soft bags and boots.

The timeless Classic Finish has a high gloss shine and a glass-like touch. Each skin is glazed to perfection by a skilled artisan in the factory. The Classic Finish is supple and exhibits a tight break when bending and re-glazes easily. It is a hallmark finish that is surpassed by none other worldwide.

Alligator Millinium Finish:

Aligator Skin samples

Millennium finish has the beauty of classic/glazed finish. This finish is popular for its smooth glassy touch. Please note: In order to do this process, it requires tag removal by cutting the tail as well as the legs enabling the skin to be as flat as possible to pass through the equipment that creates this finish. We will reattach the tail and include the leg pieces that were removed when sending you the skin. You may wish to custom frame the remnants. Did you know your pockets and lapels will dictate the style and size of your Royalchif®