Flag Rings & Bracelets

Royalchif® For All Nations

A perfect gift for your patriotic, significant other.

Flag rings and designs reflect pride and respect.                                 

“True Patriotism Is Never Political” Steven Roeder 2/23/75

Flag rings, necklaces, pendants and bracelet requests for most countries are welcomed.

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Match your flag ring, flag necklace, flag pendant or flag bracelet to your flag Royalchif®.

Your wrist size and amount of desired stones and exposure will determine the price of your Royalchif® Flag Bracelet.

Royalchif® flag ring stones can be enlarged and protrude on the upper side of the ring below. flag page

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Most country flag colors can be replicated with precious metals and stones.

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Royalchif® flag necklaces and pendants can be matched to your Royalchif®  bracelet and ring.



Send us your personal design and we will do our best to keep within your budget.

Flag lapel pins are minuscule and obsolete. Flag Royalchifs now RULE!


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