Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who came up with the Royalchif ®idea?

It was as a jewelry concept written in a TV movie treatment “Before The Tank” depicting a wannabe designer preparing for his SHARK TANK interview.

How did you decide on the Royalchif® name?

A handkerchief made for Royalty. Royalchief was conflicting as a Royal Chief. We merged the two into one word and took out the “E”.

Do you wear a Royalchif® to work? 

The Royalchif® is designed to be worn at very special formal events where you need to stand out and shine. Award ceremonies, banquets, elite parties, speeches etc. are some events.

What are the prices of the Royalchifs?

A pair (2) will start in the five figures including smoke black acrylic vanity stand-up display pieces.

Are Royalchifs just for men?

No, Royalchif’s are designed with unisex and women’s designs.

Why are Royalchif’s only custom made?

Why are cars custom ordered? Elitists prefer one of a kind luxuries.

Can I match or replicate stones from my family heirloom for a Royalchif®?

Yes, wearing them over your heart will remind you of your treasure at home.

Will you sell a limited edition line?

Yes, but it will be limited to a small number of our Diamond and Blue Star Sapphire unisex model for now.

What documentation will I get with my one of a kind Royalchif® design?

A Registered Certificate of Authenticity and a Jewelry Design Copyright registered with the US Patent and Trademark Office.

Why jewelry in your outer coat pocket? Fabric hankies have been fashionable for over one hundred and fifty years.

Why wear jewelry at all?  To flash and be noticed of course. Do you want to be seen at a special event with a plant or caterpillar derivative fabric handkerchief displayed out of your pocket or precious metals and jewels?

You attached your interchangeable gemmed caps onto exotic leather skin wallet supports. Which leather is the most exotic?

Actually it is the underside of the legally caught American Alligator. African Nile Crocodile legally caught can be equivalent in cost depending on flaws and tanning.

Who are your target customers?

You can read the The dealers on this site and their customers are our customers. Variety, Hollywood Reporter magazines and Forbes top 400 will give you a good idea, but we are also going to reach out to dignitaries and politicians with our Flag Model Royalchif®.

Will you make other jewelry items under the Royalchif® name if a customer wants a matching ring or bracelet?

Yes, we welcome matching set inquiries.

You also have a mini time piece model Royalchif®. Why display a pocket watch on a precious metal cap?

Yes, luxury watches are beautiful, functional works of art. We will entertain attaching a customers luxury brand name request, one inch in diameter time piece. One can now show their conversationalist the time without them looking down at their wrist watch. Wrist watches are mostly hidden from view by coat and shirt sleeves. Royalchif®time pieces will always be in view.

What is your goal for the Royalchif®?

To make pocket squares (outer coat pocket fabric hankies) obsolete as a fashion accessory without demeaning those we see wearing them.

How does one start the order process?

Inquirers serious about preliminary designs and are agreeable to deposits can call us at 1(818) 416-5138 or email us at