Royalchif ® A  jeweled, precious metal and leather outer coat pocket ornament.

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Diamond and Sapphire Royalchif®  limited edition: (for men and women)
Above photo depicts one 12 carat, oval, blue star sapphire, two 3 carat round brilliant cut diamonds, three 14K gold bezels, one solid sterling silver cap. (Made in America)
The ROYALCHIF® precious metal, jeweled, interchangeable cap snaps onto an exotic leather, wallet type, pocket support. Optional removable gold chain gives a pocket watch persona. Crocodile, Alligator, Sting Ray, Boa, Anaconda, Ostrich, Viper skin and many other exotic leathers and skins are legally available for the snap on wallet support base.  Royalchif® brass, military grade, nickel plated snaps are made from America’s leading fastener manufacturer for durability and aesthetic appearance.
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Luxury automobile, sport teams and most corporate logos can be displayed with precious gem emblems that will adorn the Royalchif® jeweled caps. (Made in America)
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Time piece page

       Mini Time Piece Design for men and women:

Why not show someone else the time while conversing when you wear a Time Piece Royalchif®?  The luxury designer brand name timepiece of your choice will be displayed as the precious piece of jewelry it really is. The above timepiece decorated sterling silver cap is interchangeable with other Royalchif® decorated caps.

(Made in America)
Flag RoyalChief page
 The Flag Jeweled Emblem Royalchif® above can be matched with flag rings, bracelets and necklaces for patriots of all countries.(men and women)
Minuscule flag lapel pins are now obsolete internationally. Precious stone Flag Royalchifs®, matching rings, bracelets and necklaces now rule. They can be worn at special formal events, speeches and given as gifts to foreign dignitaries with their own country flag emblem or our American flag emblem.

Home Page upper middle You proudly display your fine Chinaware. Now you can proudly display your own coat pocket jewelry ornament. SMOKED BLACK ACRYLIC VANITY STANDS (seen above) will sit your ROYALCHIFS® upright in your library, on your bar, bathroom vanity or bedroom dresser making a distinct impression when guests arrive. *Crystal vanity stands can also be custom made to your specifications. Home Page Cut design, weight, color and clarity of the stones, Gold, Silver, Platinum and exotic leathers will determine the price of your Royalchif®. Order a Royalchif® to match the stones of your rings, bracelets, pendants, necklaces or family heirlooms. You can also order Royalchifs® to match your custom order Royalchif® brand ring, bracelet, pendant or necklace. Home page lowest Low

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*The Royalchif®  is Utility Patented and Trademark registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Original designs depicted are copyrighted.